We strongly believe that in order to create value for our stakeholders it is essential to balance economic growth with the pursuit of social development and respect for the environment.

Companies that carefully manage ESG risks and opportunities today should be better situated in the future as diminishing resources, changing consumer demands and increased regulation are expected to pose greater challenges and opportunities.

Including Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues in our business decisions ensures a complete and forward-looking view of the real value of our investments and enables the development of a sustainable long-term strategy for our portfolio companies.

For this reason, we work to understand the impacts of the companies in which we invest and to promote respect for the rights of the people and for the environment in which we live.

In line with this belief, and with our Responsible Investment Policy, we have formally incorporated environmental, social and governance criteria into our investment analyses and decision-making processes as well as into our ownership policies and practices with the goal of creating long-lasting value for all.



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