Progressio SGR S.p.A. is an independent private equity firm focused on investing in Italian mid-market companies. The Firm, founded in 2005, is wholly owned by the management team.

Since Inception, Progressio have managed the holding company Mittel Private Equity (vintage 2005, fully realised) and three institutional private equity funds: Progressio Investimenti (vintage 2006, fully liquidated), Progressio Investimenti II (vintage 2010, under management) and Progressio Investimenti III (vintage 2018, under management) .

Our investment strategy

We seek to invest in best-in-class mid-market companies in Italy with revenues between €30 million and €150 million, taking majority or influential minority positions.

Our investment strategy comprises four key elements:

  • We are focused on sectors that are pillars of Italian excellence, notably mechanical engineering, fashion & luxury, pharma & chemicals and food & beverage
  • We uncover hidden champions leveraging on our wide proprietary deal pipeline
  • We believe that quality of management is a critical factor in determining the success of an investment and therefore we partner with ‘best-in-class’ managers benefitting from their extensive sector specific experience
  • Our approach to value creation is focused on operational leverage (both organic growth and M&A) aimed at generating big winners


Our goal is to support the growth plan of the companies in which we invest benefitting from professional management structures, clear strategy and simplified ownership structures with the aim of making them attractive both for strategic and financial buyers.

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