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Milan, June 8th 2019 – The private equity fund Progressio Investimenti III, focused on SMEs in the Italian excellence sectors, invested in Futura Robotica – leader in the design and manufacturing of secondary packaging machines dedicated in particular to food and cosmetics industries – through its subsidiary Gampack, a niche leading manufacturer of secondary packaging machines specifically dedicated to the beverage sector.

The business combination represents the first stage of a path that aims at the creation of a highly specialized group in the production of end-of-line packaging solutions for secondary and tertiary packaging: a complete range of automated machines, from robotic movement, cartoning, wrapping and palletizing.

The transaction combines the technological and commercial experiences of the two companies, allowing the new born group to attract customers belongings to several product sectors (food & beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.) as a single and specialized counterpart for all the end-of line components (secondary and tertiary packaging) and types of primary packaging (both rigid and flexible).

“Our partnership was born from the common need to look at new markets and from the shared desire to offer the customer personalized, innovative and competitive solutions” says Giuseppe Gazzola, Gampack Chairman.

“We have added a first important element to our investment strategy which foresees Gampack becoming the secondary packaging one-stop-shop” adds Filippo Gaggini, CEO of Progressio.

Alessandro d’Arco, head of the investment team of Progressio, says: “Futura Robotica is the ideal candidate for a partnership with Gampack: not only does it complete the range of products offered, but it significantly contributes to expanding the commercial network of the companies and brings together common technologies at the top of their reference markets “.

Progressio was assisted by EY for financial and business due diligence and by Russo De Rosa & Associati for legal, tax and employment law.

Gampack operates in the sector of fully automatic machinery and packaging systems for secondary packaging (case packers and wrappers) focused on the beverage sector. Thanks to the characteristics of its machines – solidity, reliability and speed – and to the high level of service provided to the customer, the company has gained an important position in the reference niche, becoming one of the main suppliers of the most important operators in the sector.

Futura Robotica is active in the design and construction of complex secondary packaging systems for which robotics is needed. It is focused in food, pet food, coffee (capsules) and cosmetic sectors.

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